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Important : Stamp-Paradise is not responsible for trades and traders

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    ► Help: How is working this philatelic site ?

    1- Enter your ad
    Your name: please give your full name and real name. Nicknames and truncated names are refused.
    Anonymous names like 'superstamp' or 'stamplover' are refused.
    Country: this is your home country, where you live currently.
    Address: optional. Don't give it if you don't wish.
    Want: say what you are looking for (countries, topics, FDC, covers, postcards, ...)
    Offer: say what you offer (countries, topics, FDC, covers, postcards, ...)
    Note: enter some additional information (preference, quality, 1 for 1 , want list, scott catalog, ...)
    Email: give your email. NICE! your email will be hidden against spam. As you can observe nobody can get your email.
    Exchange, Buy, Sell: say if you want or not to exchange or buy or sell stamps.
    About philatelic level : "beginner" if you just start, "confirmed" after one or two years stamp collecting,
    "advanced" if you know almost all about stamps, "expert" means you are a professional or you know all about philately

    2- Recent ads
    You can see the very latest philatelic ads, less than 7 days old.

    3- Older ads
    You can see the other ads, less than 90 days old.

    4- Changing your ad
    You can change your ad yourself by creating a new one before 24 hours or after 33 days.
    You need to wait at least 33 days before publishing a new one.
    In the meantime you can contact philatelists in our lists.

    5- Search function
    You can do a search on any keyword. This function works on member name, country, want field, offer field, note field. here
    Search function works on recent and older classifieds.

    6- Newsletter function
    This newsletter will keep you informed about SP's activity.

    7- Question: How long will be displayed my ad ?
    It will be displayed during 90 days. After this period your ad is removed from our server.
    Feel free to enter your ad again at anytime.

    8- Question: What should I do if someone contacts me ?
    You will get a personal message about a trade suggestion.
    If you agree or not this trade, by courtesy for others PLEASE reply to this message.
    If you like to be contacted then reply if someone contacts you.
    You can post your ad : in English, in French AND in German using the relevant pages.
    If you are not interested, please reply simply "sorry I am not interested".
    Don't forget to read golden rules for stamp exchange. here

    9- Question: How can I remove my ad ?
    Send a mail to SP and we will remove your ad at once. here

    10- About responsibility: "Important"
    SP is not responsible of trades and traders found in this site.
    We will help you if you wish to clarify some situation.

    11- About bad traders
    SP removes bad trader ads. We try to keep this site as safe as possible.
    Help us: If you see or encounter a bad trader in our pages, please inform SP quickly. here
    In addition I recommend you to visit this usefull site. here

    12- See all our functions
    Stamp Paradise offers several facilities in order to promote philately.
    View our site map : here

    13- About newsgroups
    For stamp addicted (like me) there are 2 additional philatelic groups. If you have an inherited collection or want to offer assistance to others. You want to share your philatelic knowledge with other philatelists. You want to know the value of your stamp collection ? Are you in a stamp club? If Not – why not?
    These 2 groups offer you active contacts with more than 2900 philatelists.
    In English: here
    In French: ici

    14- Your contribution
    SP is 100% free. Nothing to pay. No registration needed.
    If you feel happy with us, if you want to support SP and if you have nothing else to do, thanks for voting below and visiting our partners.

    Thanks for your stamp vote
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