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    ► British Indian Ocean Territory stamp collectors | 8 classifieds

    Name: Nikhil Esteves India stamp collector Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-06-05 I exchange stamps
    Country: India
    Want: British Commonwealth countries
    Offer: India, USA
    Note: Contact me by email

    Name: Andrew Kantas Australia stamp collector Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-05-29 I exchange stamps
    Country: Australia
    Want: Australia
    Offer: North Borneo, British Guiana and Aden stamps
    Note: Swap or sell

    Name: Cristobal Veneziani Argentina stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting stamp trader feedbacks
    Date: 2018-05-25 I exchange stamps
    Country: Argentina
    Want: Sports stamps, Usa, Polynesia, Bahamas, Trinidad Tobago, Jamaica and british caribean islands
    Offer: Argentina used and mint South America used and mint
    Note: 100 for 100

    Name: Rob Sefton United Kingdom stamp collector United Kingdom stamp site Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-05-18 I exchange stamps
    Country: United Kingdom
    Want: Used British Commonwealth, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Burmuda, Zambia, Botswana, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc
    Offer: Used South Africa
    Note: Please note no damaged stamps please

    Name: James Kent USA stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-05-13 I exchange stamps
    Country: USA
    Want: Switzerland, Scandinavia, British America, Hong Kong, Japan prefectures, WW revenues and perfins, used only.
    Offer: Have extensive WW, mostly used
    Note: Prefer trading from November to March

    Name: Alex Downie United Kingdom stamp collector Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-04-26 I exchange stamps
    Country: United Kingdom
    Want: British commonwealth countries pre 1980, preferably the smaller countries. Also, Egyptian stamps from about 1980.
    Offer: Worldwide, especially European and American.
    Note: I collect both used and mint. Will reply to all enquiries. You send first.

    Name: Shiu Fai Tang Canada stamp collector Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-04-16 I exchange stamps
    Country: Canada
    Want: Used stamps from G. B., Ireland, Europe, South America and Japan within the latest 12 years
    Offer: Used stamps from British Commonwealth, Australia, new Zealand, . Africa
    Note: I prefer to exchange from 250 stamps or large amount, but no CTO, Scans, Wantlists and common definitives.

    Name: Katheesan Kiruba Sri Lanka stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting with stamp picture
    Date: 2018-03-25 I don't exchange stamps identification help needed I sell stamps
    Country: Sri Lanka
    Offer: Ceylon Srilanka India UK England Australia UAE USA America South Africa
    Note: stamps which are sorted country wise there are more than 3000 . rare ceylon (British-Srilanka) India UK stamps etc. . . . . .

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