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    ► Philippines stamp collectors | 3 classifieds

    Name: Alberto Alcala Philippines stamp collector Philippines stamp site Advanced in stamp collecting with stamp picture
    Date: 2018-09-30 I exchange stamps I sell stamps
    Country: Philippines
    Want: Serious and honest philatelic exhibit buyers
    Offer: Queen Elizabeth II 5 frames multi-awarded philatelic exhibit for sale for US$3, 500. 00 (handling and mailing fee included already)
    Note: To view the exhibit visit : http://www. freewebs. com/alvier and for assessment complete scans will be sent

    Name: Rae Rañola Philippines stamp collector Beginner in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-08-15 I don't exchange stamps identification help needed I sell stamps
    Country: Philippines
    Want: Buyers of Stamp Collection
    Offer: Used and Unused Stamps from Different Countries
    Note: Stamps from Different countries and from the PHILIPPINES

    Name: Leon Minhaz Sweden stamp collector Beginner in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-08-13 I exchange stamps
    Country: Sweden
    Want: PHILIPPINES, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, East Timur
    Offer: Sweden, Finland, norway other EU countries
    Note: Used stamps, No want list, 1-1 basis, Exchange at least 200 stamps (With Duplicate) .

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