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    ► Uzbekistan stamp collectors | 4 classifieds

    Name: Vasil Popov Bulgaria stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-01-03 I exchange stamps
    Country: Bulgaria
    Want: Australia, Canada, USA, Gr. Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Belge, Austria
    Offer: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kasahstan, UZBEKISTAN, others, DDR
    Note: want mint complet sets only. Exchange, Sell. offer mint/used. Michel

    Name: Ksenia Andreeva Uzbekistan stamp collector Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: 2017-12-27 I exchange stamps I sell stamps
    Country: Uzbekistan
    Want: mint stamps thematic from all world
    Offer: mint stamps of GUS, Deutschland 1933-1945, 2002-2017, USSR 1924-1960
    Note: prefer Michel or your offer

    Name: Alexander Belousov Russia stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting stamp trader feedbacks
    Date: 2017-12-03 I exchange stamps I sell stamps
    Country: Russia
    Want: mint recent thematic stamps of your own country. Used stamps w/w-not definitives, not CTO.
    Offer: mint recent stamps of Russia and UZBEKISTAN. Year pack UZBEKISTAN 2013-16-mint. Used USSR 1970-1990.
    Note: For your 100 good used w/w I can send MINT stamps also.

    Name: Valerij Papulov Russia stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting
    Date: 2017-11-02 I exchange stamps
    Country: Russia
    Want: MNH stamps, s/s, m/s from world-wide.
    Offer: MNH stamps, s/s, m/s, stamp-booklets, FDC and post cards from USSR (1970/91) , Russia (1992/17) , Ukraine, Moldova, UZBEKISTAN, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Poland. . . WW.
    Note: Base: Michel catalogue. Only Registered Mail.

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