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    ► lighthouse stamp collectors | 5 classifieds

    Name: Francis Viegas India stamp collector Confirmed in stamp collecting
    Date: Yesterday I exchange stamps
    Country: India
    Want: Used thematic stamps on birds, butterflies, mushrooms, LIGHTHOUSEs, railway engines and national flags.
    Offer: Uaed world stamps on a 1:1 basis in lots of 100 stamps.
    Note: Want stamps of Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Madagaskar, Maldive Islands.

    Name: Oleg Pavlov Ukraine stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting
    Date: 2018-09-09 I exchange stamps I sell stamps
    Country: Ukraine
    Want: mint complete issues of thematic stamps +s/sheets, issued since 2002 year and worldwide on themes fauna, lawn tennis, Olympic games, ships, LIGHTHOUSE, navy navigators, Nobel Prizes, aviation, Antarct
    Offer: philatelic materials, from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and from other new republics of ex-USSR and thematic stamps WW
    Note: exchange on the base Michel catalogue

    Name: Herman Alvarez Spain stamp collector Spain stamp site Advanced in stamp collecting stamp trader feedbacks
    Date: 2018-09-06 I exchange stamps
    Country: Spain
    Want: Used stamps ww wildlife, LIGHTHOUSEs and film actors
    Offer: Thousands of stamps ordered by countries and in images
    Note: 1x1 exchange with scans

    Name: Valera Mucha Ukraine stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting stamp trader feedbacks
    Date: 2018-08-25 I exchange stamps
    Country: Ukraine
    Want: world used stamps fauna sport. . LIGHTHOUSEs. Christmas FDC olimpiks Moskva-80
    Offer: used stamps world 200-500 cover FDC Ukraine. Canada. Israel
    Note: j am loking for permanent partners for swaping

    Name: Alex Torbeni Indonesia stamp collector Advanced in stamp collecting stamp trader feedbacks
    Date: 2018-07-06 I exchange stamps
    Country: Indonesia
    Want: Mint stamps/blocks complete sets of fauna, orchid, joint issue, light house.
    Offer: Used covers and some FDCs.
    Note: Scans available. Please give me your offer. R letter is suggested.

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