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Stamp swap tips

Stamp swap tips

Important : Stamp-Paradise is not responsible for trades and traders

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    ► Tips for happy stamp exchanges


    Define the trade
    Quality, definitive, commemoratives, used, mint, CTO, topical, country, price, quantity …
    Specify before if you send or accept duplicates.
    You can work by face value exchange as well.
    After a time your stamp collection may be advanced, then you should probably work by stamp lists (Scott, Yvert, SG numbers).
    Do you accept CTO or Christmas stamps ? Canceled To Order: very beautiful stamps for commercial use only. They have a low value.
    Do not send damaged stamps, no heavy cancellations, stamps with rips, creases or bends, clipped corners, missing perfs, writing on front or back, thins etc. You can use a scanner for your stamp. For high values scan each side of stamps.

    Ask if you have to send stamps by registered mail or not (it depends on the stamp value and the country)

    Some philatelic definitions on this page.

    Who is this stamp trader ?
    When you are in contact with a new stamp trader you never know who is this person.
    Ask your contact to give you some emails of past traders as reference.
    Bad traders are mostly acting at the first trade: so consider first package as a test only.
    Don't accept too interesting trade quickly, this may be suspect.
    Avoid sending more than 50 stamps in the first package.
    Avoid sending high-value stamps in the first package.
    Avoid exchanging stamps according stamp mailing lists. This is unsafe and unfiltered, bad traders are mostly using this way.
    If someone gives his address on the very first mail, take care. Never send stamps to a mailbox, this is suspicious.

    Important : if a trader gives you different names (first in the ad, then in the postal address), never trade with this person and inform S-P quickly.

    Who will send the stamps first ?
    This is a good question. The one who contacts first, is usually the one who is sending first.
    The best solution : traders can send simultaneously.
    Important : Avoid sending first if someone contacts you first. If you send stamps by registered letter, each partner has to do it, then give the postal tracking number.

    Accept to send more than initial trade if the other sends first (60 for 50).
    Send only what you would be happy to receive.

    Do you have a little doubt? Don't trade high-value stamps. Do a quick search about this person on the net before (Google is your friend).

    Good & Bad trader list:
    See here the good stamp trader list. here . [free registration is needed for this]. This can help.
    Most of stamp cheaters are famous and mostly already identified on a stamp black list.
    In addition I recommend you to visit this useful site about philatelist black list. here

    What's about the Postal service ?
    If you don't send by registered letter, accept letters to be lost or stolen sometimes.
    Don't use too attractive stamps on your postage.
    Give a good protection to your stamps, cardboard is the best.
    Some countries have a very slow postage delivery : Algeria, Venezuela, Philippines, ... Than be patient.

    What is a normal trade agreement ?
    Usualy when someone gives his postal address, this person agrees the trade.
    Golden Rule: In any case if you are not satisfied a philatelic trade may be cancelled. "I refuse your stamps, please send my stamps back".
    Stamps must be in perfect condition: no transparency, no tearing off, no coloring, no fold.
    Defective stamps should be returned and exchanged if possible, without discussion as a quality warranty.
    Accept that sometimes stamps could be lost on the way and never arrived.


    Trade feedback
    When stamps arrive (99% of trades), confirm it by a mail, give a feedback about received stamps.
    NEW ! please enter a feedback about your trade to SP, this function is available in the same screen than if you contact a member. May we suggest you to you use it for your own and for others.

    About bad traders
    If you are cheated, don't hesitate to ask assistance to the group. This can help.
    Send a complaint to the post office of the cheater.
    Send a complaint to all the philatelic sites you can find. (Google is your friend)

    Always be polite and courtly. A gentleman agreement is always possible. Insults will never help you. Contact us before.

    Your contribution
    Any comment about this? email us.
    SP is 100% free. Nothing to pay. Nothing to do.
    But if you want to support SP and if you have nothing else to do, thanks for voting below and visiting our partners.

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